"Mock Trial isn’t about having a certain skill set; Mock Trial is about having the desire, will, and commitment to do your best."
- R. Casey Ufferman

2018-2019 Co-President

2017-2019 Club Representative
2016-2018 Recruitment Manager

Lawton Chiles High School Mock Trial Club is a high school mock trial organization.  Our organization's purpose is to better educate students about the law.  We have existed since 2011.  We are a competitive organization which can compete on circuit, state, and national levels every year. We have won several first place awards in these competitions.  We have also placed third in the first year of the Sunshine State Showdown Invitational Tournament held by FSU Mock Trial this past year.  We hope you join to help us return to these competitions and win again!


More about us

Established in 2011

While Chiles Mock Trial is a relatively young organization, we have already placed in and won several competitions at high levels.  We plan to continue this with the new members of this year that will hopefully include you!


Our Goal

The goal of Chiles Mock Trial is to better educate high school students about the law and hopefully spark a deeper interest in the law and legal professions through the lessons provided by our three outstanding attorney coaches.
We also aim to make new members more confident in themselves in areas such as public speaking, debate, acting, writing, etc.  Our focus is to provide equal opportunity for education in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Case Packets

Our current case packet has been released!  Members and interested Chiles students, contact us to have it sent to you.

 The cases we will used to be mostly on the Florida Law Related Education Association (FLREA) site.  To get the current case packet, please email us at chilesmocktrial@gmail.com.

How to get case packets before 2018-2019:
Go to the FLREA site: flrea.org.
Go to the "Programs" tab and choose "High School Mock Trial Competition" then scroll down the page until you get to the "ARCHIVED CASE" section for any past cases and go to "CASE MATERIALS AND RULES" for the current case for our circuit and state competition.


We compete several times a year.  Competition season is from September to May. In the 2018-2019 Season, we had competitions in September, February, and March.

Chiles Mock Trial competes in several competitions each year.  Our main competitions are a Fall invitational, our Circuit's competition, and the Florida High School Mock Trial State Finals Competition.  
Our team consists of about 8 members or more: 3 attorneys, 3 witnesses, and 2 alternates or 3 attorneys and 5 witnesses are the two usual configurations for our team.

For our invitational tournament, we will always attempt to enter multiple teams if we have enough members to allow all members to compete.



The hours listed are our official hours, for 2018-2019, when we are available to give a quick response.  If you try to contact us during other hours you are not guaranteed a quick response.


Mon: 11:15 am-7 pm

Wed: 11-11:55 am

Fri: 5-5:25 pm

2019-2020 Meeting days, times, and locations:
Monday 5:30-7 pm at Chiles High School
Wednesday from 11:15-11:55 am at Chiles High School 
Friday-when in competition preparation(which starts around September or November)- 5:30-7 pm at FSU Law Advocacy Center (near Tucker Civic Center)
(as a note- competition team members must be at all meetings unless there is a valid reason communicated to the coach ahead of time and non-competition team and non-alternate members attend when able)


The members of Chiles Mock Trial are always glad to answer questions, give advice, listen to ideas, and address any concerns you may have.  We always want you to feel free to contact us. We have experienced and dedicated members monitoring this site and our contact options frequently to get responses sent out as quickly as possible so that none of your questions go unanswered.

Mail To:

"Attn: Chiles Mock Trial c/o Wayne Rubinas

7200 Lawton Chiles Ln
Tallahassee, Florida 32312"

7200 Lawton Chiles Ln
Tallahassee, Florida 32312

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